Our Story

Many of our customers have asked about the history of our restaurant. Luisa and George Palamidessi purchased the building and the surrounding land, that George farmed in 1935. The original building was built in 1912. It was owned and used by the University at Davis as an agronomy laboratory to test the ground for farming. Originally named the Hideaway Cafe, the Club Pheasant has been operating for more than 75 years. Most of the dining rooms, the bar and the kitchen are part of the original building. The newest and largest room was built in 1977. It is named the Luisa Room and has a portrait of the restaurant’s founder, Luisa Palamidessi, prominently displayed. In 1997, the “Patio” was built. Customers are surrounded by a beautiful waterfall, wrought iron patio furniture, and blooming seasonal flowers.  The Club Pheasant’s current business office, upstairs from the restaurant, was the Palamidessi’s home. While Luisa cooked and ran the bar her four daughters helped serve customers. The friendly family atmosphere and Luisa’s cooking brought people from miles around. Many of the original recipes are still served. The home made ravioli are adorned by customers, and over 10,000 are made weekly. Shortly after Luisa and George opened the restaurant they were joined by a daughter and son-in-law, Angelina and John Rivera. After World War II, Luisa and George retired and another daughter and son-in-law, Dina and Fred Andreotti, bought in. In 1976, the two couples retired and sold the restaurant to Peter Palamidessi, son of the founders, and Ronald Rivera, son of John and Angelina Rivera. In 1997 Peter and Ronald retired and sold the restaurant to Peter, Paul, Perry and Patti Palamidessi, grandchildren to the founders. In 1999 Perry left the restaurant to pursue other endeavors. They are currently being helped by their own children, Jennifer and Marc, who are the fourth generation of the restaurant. They continue to bring a family atmosphere and home cooked meals to their customers. Everyday you will find at least one family member waiting to greet you with a smile. The Club Pheasant family would like to thank you for your patronage and hope your visits here are enjoyable.